Why Choose a Raw Food Retreat

The Living Raw Gourmet food at Natural Attitudes empower Retreat serves an important purpose. Apart from being really delicious, divine for the taste buds and exquisite for your body the cuisine literally holds you to a new, awakened place with yourself.

As we do the main “work” during your 1-on-1 emPower sessions (to drop old stories and embrace your ability to DELIBERATELY connect to the love, freedom and joy that you are in a way where you deeply feel it now) the raw food cuisine supports your ability to do this. Enjoying vibrant, alive food aligns you with your natural vibrant state, whilst eating dead sludgy food contributes to feeling tired and sluggish.

You can connect to your vitality, joy and vibrancy despite what you eat, however, drawing on living foods holds you to this energy supportively and strongly. There are also many concurrent healthful physical benefits of live foods since raw foods permit your body to digest and assimilate more nutrients into your cells. This nourishes your whole body into a state of greater wellness, which is your natural way of being.

Raw food can be enjoyed at anytime of the day and breakfast is no exception. The key is to enjoy meals that feel delicious to you. The chia choc mousse pudding  is one of the many favourite breakfasts at Natural Attitudes and we still can’t get enough of it.

Visit www.naturalattitudes.com to find out more about our retreats all incorporating raw, live foods and discover a retreat programme that is perfect for you.


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