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This website directory is designed to assist you in choosing the best health retreat in Australia for your personal needs in wellness. You can browse by type of therapies, activities, location, costs and styles of retreat you are interested in.

Australia, with its pristine environment and rich bio-diversity, is a land of natural beauty. You will find many of the Australian health retreats residing in the heart of nature – in the lush hinterland, natural bush or serene coastal settings. The clean environment, copious freedom and space, fresh air and sunshine will in themselves boost your spirits and freshen the mind.

We also believe that true healing comes from a balance of awareness and action, activity and relaxation. We know of no better way to more permanent health benefits than a stay at a health retreat. Our aim is to educate everyone who is suffering from poor health about the benefits of health retreats. In your healing journey we hope you find the perfect health right here at Health Retreats Australia.