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For your grrrrreatest Mental and Emotional Wellness

Heal on a deeper level and experience greater health and wellbeing with Australia's personal one-on-one health retreat experience.. We specialize in providing you with one of the most holistic, private, tailored health retreat experiences you may ever encounter, to help you heal your body, heal your mind and to find yourself and live your life.

In the natural surrounds of Crystal Waters Eco-Village, you will experience a unique journey of transformation as we work with you holistically to bring out the you that is content, at peace, balanced and connected from deep within and authentically with your world around you. We work diligently to unearth the unique core aspects of you that may be impeding your fullness and we provide effective, re-usable resources and techniques that you can apply for a lifetime. The journey you experience with us is profound and often a real motivator to keeping up new healthy habits in thoughts, self-nurturing and physical health when you return home.

Our specialty is unearthing your real obstacles and thoroughly supporting you to balance and wellness within your whole self


Join your practitioner/s for 4, 3, 2 or 1 day of guided facilitation in Australia's one and only comprehensive mental & emotional wellness retreat. This programme is highly suitable for:

  • anxiety, depression
  • fear, feeling stuck in your life
  • critical & negative thoughts
  • emotional trauma
  • mental fatigue, lack of drive/ stamina
  • stress, pressure, suppressed emotions
  • unfulfilled goals
  • work/ life imabalance
  • lack of clarity about your life purpose and direction

We work with your mind, emotions and spirit to realign yourself in life back to who you are at the deepest level. On the physical level we also support you via foundations of a healthy diet and prescribed natural supplements to rebalance the central nervous system and a host of other holistic health methods for your more on our main site >>

Recover your relationship and Recover yourSelf with this comprehensive relationship retreat catering for couples wanting to resolve specific challenges in their relationship as well as deepening intimacy, love, communication and commitment. You'll be armed with a wealth of resources to continue utilising as well as experiencing a profound journey of reconnection with self and with the more on our main site>>

Retreat programmes are all-inclusive of accommodation, organic living foods, use of facilities, therapies and workshop programme. Other retreat durations can be tailored by email request.


Heal your body . heal your mind .  
find yourself . live your life


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"I feel like I've gained two very close, understanding and amazing friends to help me through life from here on. The company, the lessons learnt, the warmth, the love, the beauty, the understanding and the acceptance I've gained in a relatively short space of time will stay with me and help me through a lifetime. Thank You! A rare and unique life experience. Make the most of two people being devoted to your every need!

With love Michelle C - QLD."

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